It’s starts with curiosity. Why is it taking so long?Β A brief encounter three hours earlier — just long enough to hand a bagged dinner to a weary boy going on hour 15 of work — left me with just enough information. One last thing to do, I’ll be home as soon as I can.

The clock ticks by. I call once. Then again. My mind starts to wander, first to the probable (he left his phone in the truck, he fell asleep) to the panicked (he was in an accident, something happened. Something happened!)

I call again. Each time the voicemail clicks over my heart catches in my throat. He’s picking up! But he is not.

Alone in a house, the minutes passing into a new day, the mind starts to wander. The vision of a late fiance snowballs into a fiance that never comes home. My mind races to a hospital, a family in tears, a house sold, a woman wrecked.

I call again. The tears sting hot in my eyes and I find myself asking someone above for his safety. Please bring him home to me.

The TV, a distraction, but not a solution. Channels changed, nothing watched.

The phone rings and I cry in happiness. He’s coming home.

Tip for a successful relationship: never, ever leave your phone in the car.