3: emails I’ve sent to the venue’s wedding planner that have gone unanswered.

1: curt voice mail I left her this morning.

200: dollars the florist wanted to charge me for scattered rose petals on the tables.

3.29: dollars a bag of 100 silk rose petals costs.

7: number of bridesmaids.

5: number of groomsmen.

4: times a week I swoon over my photographer’s website.

1: wedding nightmare this week.

3: tasks to complete this month: limo, ceremony musicians, invitations (they’re almost done!).

7: days a week Michael as taken to calling me his Bride or Wife-to-Be.

1,000: times it makes me smile.

12: wedding blogs I read.

2,256: ideas that are swimming around in my head.

4:Β number I’ll actually end up using.

0: pieces of my outfit left to come in. The veil arrived yesterday!

175: days until I marry my Groom, my Husband-to-Be, my Michael.