We are extremely lucky and were given the gift of financial help for our wedding this weekend. We’re not completely covered by any means, but the gift was a huge financial burden lifted off our shoulders and makes me a little less panicked about the remaining amount we have to save.

Budget? Oh yeah, we have one. And it turned out to be about $4,000 more than we originally bargained for. Weddings? They ain’t cheap.

The majority of the money is going to the things that matter most to us: the food/drink and the photographer. I have cut my original flower budget in half because truth be told, I don’t really care about flowers. Yes, an arrangement on the card table sounds lovely, but so do candles. And flowers in the bathroom? Unnecessary. Other than the bouquets and boutonnieres, the venue will be flower-free. It’s going to be a candlepalooza in there and I think a wedding set to candlelight is going to be spectacular.

Know where it adds up? All the stuff you don’t think about. Table and chair rentals. Gratuity. Set up/take down fees. I haven’t even factored in the wedding party gifts yet.

The thing is, I wouldn’t change anything. I love the direction my planning is going in and I cannot wait to see the final result. Although I wouldn’t mind having a few extra bucks to play around with. If anyone wants to set up a donation fund I’d be more than grateful.

What? No?

Ok, fine. The I leave you with this video of the best tribute to a bride ever. Any wedding guests reading this, I expect you to start practicing.