When a client comes into the office our casual work attire must be replaced by something resembling business casual, and when none of your business casual clothes fit you anymore, getting dressed can be a challenge.

I stood in front of my closet withย my hair in a towel turban and stared into my closet annoyed. I didn’t want to wear anything in there. Nothing. I hate it all. OK, I don’t hate it, but I’m completely bored by my wardrobe and why is it that when you’re not supposed to spend money all you want to do is SPEND MONEY?

I decided on khaki capris and a yellow sweater and headed downstairs to do my hair, while doing the usual getting ready dance around Kodiak– who insists on lying directly in front of the sink and not moving, even when you tell him to get up. My bathroom is thisbig. Tiny. Itty bitty. The probability of me getting ready with him in there without leaving the room with some sort of hair on my pants is slim to none.

I began the process of styling my hair and I have to stop a minute and share with you a product that is AMAZING and anyone with wavy to straight hair who battles the frizzy halo when it’s humid will love me forever for sharing this with you. My mom gave me my first bottle. She has super thick, super curly hair and I guess she was hoping it would combat her curls but it didn’t do it for her. Luckily, she gave it to me.

Hang Straight by Aveda

I used a nickle-sized amount on Friday when it was pouring rain and my hair was straight. It remained that straight throughout the weekend. I didn’t wash it until Monday (I can usually get away with washing my hair every third day) and even then I could have let it go another day. Miracle in a bottle, I tell you. Go! Buy!

The downside about getting ready was that my hairdryer, which I’ve had forever, started to smell weird. And the power seemed lower than usual. I finished drying my hair, but rather than burning down my house or setting my hair on fire, I think I’d like to purchase a new hairdryer.

But here’s the thing, it’s been ages since I bought a hairdryer. I have no idea what to look for. Basically, I want it to a) dry my hair. b) have a diffuser attachment for when I wear it wavy and c) not cost three figures. I may be a Shoeru, but when it comes to hairdryers, I’m in the dark.

So help me! Tell me what to get and where to get it. My follicles thank you.