DevilsHeaven (aka my wedding date twin!) asks:

I’m torn about my wedding shoes. My “foundation garment” comes equipped with garters for thigh highs, which I think would make me feel supper sexy on my wedding day. However, that would mean closed toe shoes, which I think would add to the hot factor, and I’m talking as in HEAT not the Paris Hilton “That’s HOTT” factor.
When discussing this with a friend she was horrified that I would consider wearing an open toe shoe in late October. But I see no issue with it. Is late October TOO late for open toes?

Horrified? Then don’t send her to my blog! In case you don’t remember, my late October wedding would not be complete without my VERY open-toe wedding shoes:

Personally, I wear open-toe until the cold and rainy-ness of early winter hits. Do you remember last October? It was gorgeous 70-degree weather till almost the end. (Cross your fingers it happens again this year!) If weather permits, feel free to wear open-toe.


If you do choose to go with a foundation garment and thigh highs, then you must absolutely, positively NOT wear open-toe shoes with your stockings, less you want to commit the ultimate fashion faux pas on your wedding day.  I shudder at the thought. Stockings + open-toe shoes are always a don’t.

That being said, I think it’s important that you feel your most beautiful/sexy on your wedding day so if the garters and thigh highs do that for you I say go for it. If the weather is warm, you’re going to be hot because of the stockings, not the shoes so you might as well do the whole package.

I’m assuming you’re going with a white shoe, and some closed-toe options include these dainty heels (not to high for optimum dancing time):

Godiva by Coloriffics, $67

Or a simple pointy toe like these:

Bernice by Touch Ups, $55.

Personally, I’ve found that there’s an abundance of beautiful open-toe wedding shoes in everything for d’orsay to strappy sandals. If you decided to go with an open shoe you will have no shortage of ones to choose from. Some of my favorites include:

Mardi by RSVP, $65

If you have the cash, adorn your tootsies in some SW glam:

Sashay by Stuart Weitzman, $280

Whatever you do, don’t let someone else dictate your shoe choice for the big day — not even me! If you find something you love, get it. It’s the one day in your life when it’s all about you! (OK, OK, and your husband too.)

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