RELAX. I posted it because it was funny — not to start a war. Think what you want to think. Read if you want to read. Or not. I’m not posting these comments as a way to gather up “Team Molly” and boost my self-esteem and/or number of comments. I post them because it makes me feel better and if I don’t laugh at them, they’re going to get under my skin.

Talk to me when you start getting trashed by strangers on a daily basis. Someone said if I really want to be a writer, I have to get used to criticism. She’s right. It’s something you have to deal with. However, I have the right to respond in any way I see fit. And if posting the Best Of on MY blog makes me feel better, it’s what I’m going to do. And the way I handle criticism has no reflection on my writing ability.

In the whole time I’ve been bloggingΒ I have never ONCE trashed someone just because I didn’t agree with what they had to say. I’ve left comments saying just that — I don’t agree, but I’ve never called them vomit-inducing, Β a mindless bimbo, a vapid ninny, a slut, or any more of the multiple names I’ve been called.

I write about my life, my love of shoes, how blessed I am to be in love with someone so wonderful and all the other little moments in my life. Sappy? Yes. Sickingly sweet? Occasionally.

But it’s who I am and I own it. I’m not ashamed. I also don’t really understand what people are hating on me for. It’s not like I called you a whore and kicked your puppy.

This is my space and I invite you to visit, but from now on, the mean comments will be deleted. For my own sanity. Because you can only be called names in print so many times before it really starts to eat at you.

The end.