I have to ease into Monday. After a weekend of waking up when I wanted to, not  because the alarm told me to, I always need to take baby steps the beginning of the week.

I have a routine. Get to work, check work email, check personal email, check blog email, sign into WordPress, see whose posted, write post, fill out time sheet that I should have filled out all week long but never remember to do and then try to figure out what exactly I did on Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. because for the life of me I can’t remember.

It’s my routine. And it works for me.

This morning I was the first to arrive at the office. I leisurely made my way around the building, unlocking doors and turning on lights. I then walked to my desk prepared to begin my Monday morning business.

Except something was not right.

My trash can and recycling bin were on my desk instead of under it. And they were full. Did the cleaning service forget me? I put them on the floor with a shrug and went to hang up my coat, when I noticed the sweater I keep at my desk was not in its usual spot. Hm…did it fall?

I hung it up, switched on my computer and flopped into my chair.

OK- what is going on? This is NOT my chair! You grow accustomed to a chair. Mine is just the right combination of squish and firm. There’s a few crumbs in the crevices of the leather (faux-leather? I never really thought about it.) and the arms are just where I want them to be.

This was not my chair.

Confused, I jumped up as though the chair had bit me. Why would someone take my chair? What was going on at my desk? In a panic I left my desk to explore those of my coworkers. I sat down at one desk. Is this my chair?

No, this is not my chair.

I peeked around the corner of another cube. Is that my chair?

No, that doesn’t look like my chair.

Losing hope, I wandered over to the last desk and flopped down.

My chair!

Then quickly, I wheeled it over to my desk as fast as I could to avoid running into a coworker while I stole chairs like a crazy person.

After giving my chair a once over and convincing myself that yes, this in indeed my chair, I started to wonder about this whole office caper. Who would rearrange my stuff and move my chair? Who was the office bandit and was I the only one to be hit?

During this thought process I happened to glance down and noticed the floors seemed especially shiny.

And then I vaguely remembered hearing someone mention that the floors were being redone this weekend.

It slowly dawned on me that it was entirely possible that the people working on the floor had to, you know, MOVE stuff that is on the floor to make them shiny.


Guess there really was no office caper after all.

I suppose I should go fill out my time sheet.