My bridesmaids are officially wearing purple shoes! I will be wearing red shoes that match perfectly with their bridesmaid dresses! Here are their shoes:

Which means we will most definitely be taking this picture:

And the guys will be wearing fun socks in red or purple (or a combination of both — if anyone knows where to get great argyle socks let me know!) and will be taking this picture:

Both shoe images courtesy of Whitebox Weddings

After the wedding, I’m going to have both images framed side by side because if that doesn’t scream Molly, I don’t know what does.

And since all my beautiful girls will be wearing red, I was struck by this picture that I can’t wait to have. Gorgeous.

This week’s Shoeru post will be pushed to tomorrow, as I didn’t have time to finish it. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win  a $50 gift certificate for shoes! The contest ends tomorrow evening!