It’s a long one!

Michelle asks:

This may not be your typical, “What shoes should I wear with this dress” question, but hopefully you can still help me! I have really narrow feet. Like, really. I love wearing heels, but I always have the same issue. My foot sinks to the front of the shoe when I walk and the heel continuously slips off the back. At first I thought I was buying a size too big for my foot, but I’ve tried everything from a 6.5 to an 8! I don’t want to give up my heels (I would have a lot of hemming to do!), so is there a particular style you would suggest that would help with this problem?
Thanks Shoeru you’re the best! 😉

I love this question! You do not have to give up your love of heels, not at all! But you will have to come to terms with the fact that most of your shoe shopping will have to be done online. Which isn’t such a bad thing, what with lots of sites offering free shipping both ways. And who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?

My suggestion would be to check out sites like and Both sites make it super easy to search for shoes by width. This page on Zappos lets you chose by type of shoe (dress, casual, etc.) and then your size. I would recommend going into a high-end shoe store (like Nordstrom) and having your foot professionally measured so you know where you fall in the narrow scale (A to 4A).

When all else fails, doctor them up. Just like clothes, sometimes for a perfect fit a shoe needs to be tailored. You can do this with inserts of all kinds. My favorite come from Foot Petals. You can find anything from heel inserts to prevent slipping, toe pads to prevent sliding, strips to prevent blisters and so much more.   


Clink (no, she’s not blogging again) wants to know:

Dear Almighty Blonde Goddess/Shoeru,

First of all, HI! I miss you. I really wish you were at my bachelorette this past weekend so we could’ve danced, laid out in the sun and made drunk kissy faces at the camera. That said, I am definitely looking forward to our proposed beach weekend in June because I just adore you.

Moving along, as you know I have a wedding coming up in, like, eleven weeks. Which feels absolutely surreal/terrifying/exciting, all at the same time. And it’s about that time that my seven bridesmaids are starting to chirp about what they’ll be wearing on their feet (they are my friends, after all, and thus they care very much about their feet looking hot).

Here are the dresses:

My sister and my junior bridesmaid will be wearing the color combination in the photo. The rest of the girls will be wearing the opposite: chocolate brown with champagne sashes.

As for shoes, my first thought was brown or champagne strappy sandals. But the more I peruse and, the more I hate all of their brown and champagne-colored sandals. So then I started thinking about leopard print peep-toes or something similar. It’s a night wedding in Manhattan (as you know; you will be there), so leopard print shoes would look totally sexy. At least that’s how I feel. Plus, since the dresses are tea-length, the shoes will have center stage and therefore I want them to be gorgeous.

Of course, I’d love your expert opinion. Are there cute brown and champagne shoes out there? Any leopard print suggestions? Have any other ideas?

Ok, now I can go back to talking to you on gchat.


The girl formerly known as Clink

I’m with you on the champagne-colored shoes. It’s a toughie. Most searches bring you to a shocking gold or a slightly cheap looking rose gold, neither of which is what you’re going for. However, if you move away from the idea of strappy, there’s actually some cute options.

I’m kidding. But pretty shoes, no?

Sergio Rossi, $540.

I think these shoes are stunning and perfect for making an impact.

Luxious by Nine West, $89.

I happen to know for a fact that these cute little ruffles would tie in nicely with a detail on somebody’s dress… 😉

Jessica Bennett Hood, $75.98.

The rich brown would look fantastic with the dresses and the chunkier heel works for maximum wear time.

Katelyn by RSVP, $65.

A combination of BOTH your colors!

Headliner by Naughty Monkey, $79.

As for a leopard print, aside from your grandmother having a heart attack (you know she would, Clinky!), I love the idea. My only concern is that you find the RIGHT leopard print. If not done right or in the correct colors, animal print has a tendency to lean towards the cheesy side. If leopard is your ultimate decision, I would suggest trying on a few pairs WITH the dress to get the right look.

Some of my favorites include:

Love how the spots are close enough to give the appearance of a brown shoe, while also continuing all the way down the heel.

All Sexy Shoes, $46.

The brown platform adds to comfort and ties in nicely with your colors.

Willa by Luchiny, $66.49.

And for a kick, why not go with a little sparkle? 🙂

Gala pumps by Coloriffics, $55.95.


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