I’m listening to the song I will walk down the aisle to on repeat. The song that will guide me to you on our wedding day.

This song as a lot of meaning for me — for us. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, but when I did, I knew. This is right. I’m past tearing up every time I listen, but I know I will again on our wedding day.


Last night you fell asleep on the couch while I watched Gilmore Girls. The couch — though six feet — is still tight with two. When my left side started to go numb I wiggled myself out from behind you to move to the love seat.

You grabbed my hand and without opening your eyes, smiled and nuzzled into my arm.

I left you to sleep and resumed watching until an hour or so later when you opened your sleepy eyes.

“I was dreaming about a wedding,” you said.

“Our wedding?”

“Yes,” you smiled. “Our wedding.”


I lie in bed at night, my mind racing with things left to do, time frames and more. I should keep a notebook by the bed because my morning they’re gone and I have to start over. I wake up frustrated that I can’t remember who I have to call, what needs to be scheduled or my latest fun idea.

But then you roll over and pull me close and I forget the worries for another day. Because all that matters is you — the boy who will be waiting for me at the end of the aisle.