– My iPod is either so low on juice that it needs three hours charging to even turn on, or it’s officially kicked the bucket. I’ve yet to find out. I mean, it has had a long run. It’s an iPod Mini, after all. They don’t even make those anymore!

– Last night’s wedding nightmare was the worst so far. It all had to do with payments (not really that shocking since the majority of wedding stress thus far has been over how much everything costs) and realizing at the wedding that none of the vendors had been paid. The dream included and argument with my caterer as I tried to convince her to let me pay her by money order (??) the next week, followed by a discussion with my photographer who was sitting at a table and not taking any pictures. I also for the life of me could not remember our ceremony and he refused to show me pictures until I wrote him a check.


Some highlights included a dessert buffet that I don’t think I could recreate in real life if I tried. It was very Willy Wonka.

– I need to figure out where all the groomsmen can rent their suits — not tuxedos — suits. The problem is that out of the five of them, only two live in Rhode Island. The other is in New York and two are in the Midwest. Can you even rent suits? I have no idea. I looked at the Men’s Warehouse site and they have stores all over the country, but I thought they just rented tuxes. I suppose I should call. Anyone have any ideas?

– My shower and bachelorette party are in three months. Twelve weeks. Where is the time going?

– Yesterday we had dinner with friends of ours who have an adorable two-year-old. His parents call Michael by his last name (insert generic last name here — how about Jones — not really his last name) and when we walk in the door their son goes, “Ooooooh! Molly and JONES are here! Molly and JONES!” It’s quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

– Speaking of Michael, today is his birthday. I actually bought him his present a few months ago — tickets for two to a Dave Matthews concert in June. He better take me! He’s never been really into celebrating it, so I do it for him — making a big deal out the fact that he was born. Because that really worked out in my favor.

Happy birthday, babe. I love you!