Here we go again…

A- Appetizers. We haven’t had our dinner tasting yet, but when we first met with the caterer they gave us a big tray of hors d’oeuvres. The caramelized onion and fig puff pastry was so heavenly, I salivate at the thought of it.

B- Bouquet. I’m due for a second meeting with my florist, but in the end it’s going to be a mixture of reds and purples with maybe a tiny hint of gold.

C- Cake. I’m still pretty sure we’re not going to do a cake and instead do some sort of dessert bar — hopefully still with my favorite New York black and white cookies. We may also go the trendy route and do the cupcake tower. They’re just so tasty!

D- Dancing. We’ve had our first dance picked out forever. Forever, ever. It randomly came on my iPod yesterday (yup, it still works!) and made me smile like a fool. I’ve also been reading lots of reviews on my DJ and people rave about how he keeps people dancing all night. I can’t wait!

E- Entrance. Michael and I will do the traditional entrance into our reception, but just us. We have a really big wedding party, plus my mom hates being the center of attention and would die if I made her do that!

F- Father/daughter dance. We picked one! It’s completely non-traditional, but has a special meaning to me and my dad.

G- Guest count. Inviting: 187. Hoping will show: between 160 and 175.

H- Hair trial. It’s in August! I have boatloads of pictures saved, but none of them are exactly what I want. I have a vision in mind of soft, cascading curls (think the Molly Curl, just less big) and I’m hoping my stylist can create it.

I- Inspiration. It’s everywhere. I never thought I’d be looking at decor magazines and loving a color scheme or seeing a pictures and building a whole part of my wedding around it.

J- Journal. Or blog, really. I’m so glad I have this space to dish about planning, rant when things don’t go right and bounce things off you guys. It’s been a lifesaver.

K- Knotties. Waaaay before I got engaged I used to lurk on The Knot reading Rhode Island brides and taking notes of things that might be useful one day. Turns out I only used about four things off those pages because in the end I found my own style. But they were great for inspiration! (See letter I).

L- Limo. We’re just doing one for the girls. The church is literally walking distance from my house (where the guys will get ready) so they can walk to the church. Actually, that will probably make a cute picture — all the boys in their suits walking down the street to the church!

M- Music. I know what I’m walking down the aisle to, but I need an instrumental for the rest of my wedding party. Know any good ones?

N- Naive. To to think that maybe, just maybe, the whole thing can go off without a hitch?

O- Open bar. Oooh baby.

P- Programs. I haven’t given them much thought yet, but I plan on explaining the meaning behind things that will take place in the ceremony to make it a little more personal for our guests.

Q- Questions left to answer.  Where will we take pictures if it rains? What is the time frame for the day? Who will be in charge of paying/tipping the vendors?

R- Rehearsal dinner dress. Purchased! I’m waiting for it to come in and I hope it fits. Of course my boobs won’t be pushed up to my chin. I figure if it’s chilly I can thrown on a cute red or purple (my colors!) sweater.

S- Shower. It’s in three months and my mom and bridesmaids have been planning away. They’re so cute. I can’t wait!

T- Transportation afterwards. Michael and I have discussed getting a shuttle/bus for at least our wedding party after the reception. It would be an extra expense, but easier (and safer — see letter O) than having them figure out rides back to the hotel. Anyone ever do this?

U- Uniting. Two families. Should be interesting!

V- Video. I went back and forth with this — do we really need someone filming the wedding? Will we ever watch it? And then my friend Sara said yes, you will and yes, it’s worth it but no, you don’t have to spend a fortune. She pointed me towards the guy that did hers (SO affordable) and said I will never regret having my vows saved for eternity.

W- Wedding band. We’ve yet to look, but I want a simple pave setting similar to my engagement ring, sort of like this one:

X- eXercise- Guess what? The arm flub? It’s going away! On the recommendation of Dreamgrrl, I got a wedding workout video that specifically targets the upper body. (Women’s Health: The Wedding Workout.) I’m so sore after I do it (and Kodiak thinks I’ve fallen down when I do the push ups and sticks his head under me to lift me), but it’s totally working. Buff bride!

Y- You are the best. Thank you so much to Elizabeth Anne Designs and Weddingbee who named me as one of their favorite wedding blogs!

Z- Zoinks! It’s all going so quickly. I really hope it all comes together!