– to ask what’s in a drink before you drink three of them. Or four. Just because they taste like grapefruit juice, doesn’t mean there’s grapefruit juice in them.

– I’m a dork. When leaving the library on Saturday, the girl checking me out said, “these are due in three weeks…but I’ll see you next Saturday.” What can I say? I like to read.

– a perfect afternoon can be spent in your own backyard with the boy you love and a big black dog, reading your books and periodically relocating as the sun moves around.

– no matter how diligent I am with sunscreen, I will always end up with one weird burn. In this case, a small rectangle on my right ankle. Nowhere else.

– to always bring an extra sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s the end of May. When the sun goes down on a barbecue near the beach, it will get COLD.

– wear socks. They help with the cold too.

– sun makes you sleepy. Passing out on the couch till 2 a.m. after a day outside is almost guaranteed.

– tourist season as officially begun. Interesting people will now frequent your favorite breakfast spot — the one that has a BYOB policy — and drink beer out of coolers at 9:30 in the morning. They will also be loud.

– an afternoon sunning in the park with a good friend can be therapeutic in many ways.

– there’s nothing better than curly fries.

– it’s OK to have ice cream for dinner while walking the seawall.

– a local ice cream shop with amazing gelato offers their services at weddings. Forget cake and cookies — a gelato cart at my wedding? WANT.

– the weekend always goes too quickly. Even the long ones.

What did you learn this weekend?