Our tasting is scheduled in three weeks and my stomach rumbles every time I think about it. I cannot wait. The main point of the tasting will be to decide on our entree. But here’s the problem. We only get to taste two: one chicken, one beef. The beef is taken care of. The one they put on our proposal sounds good enough to me.

But the chicken? I seriously cannot decide. Every one sounds amazing. Every! One! There’s six choices, but I’ve narrowed it down to three. The Chicken with Leek and Wild Mushroom? Out. Neither one of us like mushrooms. The Grilled Herbed Chicken? Out. Joe Shmo can make that at home. Ginger and Soy Marinated Chicken? Pass. You either love Asian flavors or you don’t. Too risky.

So we’re left with these:

#1 Chicken Franchaise with Puff Pastry Hearts

#2 Chicken Roulade Filled with Proscuitto and Mozzarella

#3 Tender Chicken Breast Filled with Artichoke, Red Pepper and Parmesan Cheese

I’m leaning towards #3 but to be honest, they all sound good. HELP!

We’ll be starting with this salad (if that helps influence your decision at all!):

Poached Pear with Candied Violets, Spiced Pecans and Gorgonzola Cheese finished with California Spring Mix and Champagne Vinaigrette.

(Don’t even get my started on the appetizers. You can see the list we have to pick from here if you want. Can’t I just have them all?)

And since I can never make up my mind — maybe we skip the whole dessert table and just give everyone their own little pie. So many choices!