There’s so many things that can define a generation. World events, music, clothing…and TV. What person born in the early 1980s can’t sing (or at least hum) the theme song to Fraggle Rock? There’s lots of TV moments that I think define my age bracket. I mean, I remember…

– Punky Brewster calling 911 when the child she was babysitting drank something under the sink.

– Buddy Bands, Friends Forever and Jessie Spano getting hooked on caffeine pills. (I’m so excited! I’m so…scared!)

– Donna posing awkwardly in a while lacy getup, ready to lose her virginity to David.

– how much I wanted to freeze time just by putting my fingers together like Evie on Out of This World.

– Are You Afraid of the Dark? I didn’t want to admit it but sometimes, yeah!

– wishing I could go down the Pie Slide. Mark Summers made it seem so cool.

– DJ showing up for her first day of school dressed in the same outfit as her teacher. Also, when she stopped eating and fell to her knees after working out on the bike. Stephanie tattled.

– Corey and Topanga’s torrid love affair.

– How freaky looking the Temple Guards were.

– Wanting to be Tiffani Smith and play the bass guitar. (Kinda groovy!)

Β – thinking how cool it would be to have Charles as a babysitter.

– pretending I was Claudia Kishi while my friend Dani was Stacey McGill (minus the diabetes.)

What do you remember?

Happy weekend!