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I’m listening to the song I will walk down the aisle to on repeat. The song that will guide me to you on our wedding day.

This song as a lot of meaning for me — for us. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner, but when I did, I knew. This is right. I’m past tearing up every time I listen, but I know I will again on our wedding day.


Last night you fell asleep on the couch while I watched Gilmore Girls. The couch — though six feet — is still tight with two. When my left side started to go numb I wiggled myself out from behind you to move to the love seat.

You grabbed my hand and without opening your eyes, smiled and nuzzled into my arm.

I left you to sleep and resumed watching until an hour or so later when you opened your sleepy eyes.

“I was dreaming about a wedding,” you said.

“Our wedding?”

“Yes,” you smiled. “Our wedding.”


I lie in bed at night, my mind racing with things left to do, time frames and more. I should keep a notebook by the bed because my morning they’re gone and I have to start over. I wake up frustrated that I can’t remember who I have to call, what needs to be scheduled or my latest fun idea.

But then you roll over and pull me close and I forget the worries for another day. Because all that matters is you — the boy who will be waiting for me at the end of the aisle. 



She said:

“I am seeking the perfect pair of blue shoes as my “something blue” for my December 30 wedding in Grand Cayman! I need a peep-toe, satin or patent with no more than a two-inch heel. None of that baby-blue stuff, either. Give me sexy electric blue! Do such shoes exist?!”

Congratulations, Kara! Send your name and address to and I will send you the gift card. And also, LOVE the idea of your shoes being your Something Blue. Electric blue shoes DO exist. I own a pair!

Check out Zappos selection of blue heels to start getting some ideas.

Thanks for playing!

It’s a long one!

Michelle asks:

This may not be your typical, “What shoes should I wear with this dress” question, but hopefully you can still help me! I have really narrow feet. Like, really. I love wearing heels, but I always have the same issue. My foot sinks to the front of the shoe when I walk and the heel continuously slips off the back. At first I thought I was buying a size too big for my foot, but I’ve tried everything from a 6.5 to an 8! I don’t want to give up my heels (I would have a lot of hemming to do!), so is there a particular style you would suggest that would help with this problem?
Thanks Shoeru you’re the best! 😉

I love this question! You do not have to give up your love of heels, not at all! But you will have to come to terms with the fact that most of your shoe shopping will have to be done online. Which isn’t such a bad thing, what with lots of sites offering free shipping both ways. And who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?

My suggestion would be to check out sites like and Both sites make it super easy to search for shoes by width. This page on Zappos lets you chose by type of shoe (dress, casual, etc.) and then your size. I would recommend going into a high-end shoe store (like Nordstrom) and having your foot professionally measured so you know where you fall in the narrow scale (A to 4A).

When all else fails, doctor them up. Just like clothes, sometimes for a perfect fit a shoe needs to be tailored. You can do this with inserts of all kinds. My favorite come from Foot Petals. You can find anything from heel inserts to prevent slipping, toe pads to prevent sliding, strips to prevent blisters and so much more.   


Clink (no, she’s not blogging again) wants to know:

Dear Almighty Blonde Goddess/Shoeru,

First of all, HI! I miss you. I really wish you were at my bachelorette this past weekend so we could’ve danced, laid out in the sun and made drunk kissy faces at the camera. That said, I am definitely looking forward to our proposed beach weekend in June because I just adore you.

Moving along, as you know I have a wedding coming up in, like, eleven weeks. Which feels absolutely surreal/terrifying/exciting, all at the same time. And it’s about that time that my seven bridesmaids are starting to chirp about what they’ll be wearing on their feet (they are my friends, after all, and thus they care very much about their feet looking hot).

Here are the dresses:

My sister and my junior bridesmaid will be wearing the color combination in the photo. The rest of the girls will be wearing the opposite: chocolate brown with champagne sashes.

As for shoes, my first thought was brown or champagne strappy sandals. But the more I peruse and, the more I hate all of their brown and champagne-colored sandals. So then I started thinking about leopard print peep-toes or something similar. It’s a night wedding in Manhattan (as you know; you will be there), so leopard print shoes would look totally sexy. At least that’s how I feel. Plus, since the dresses are tea-length, the shoes will have center stage and therefore I want them to be gorgeous.

Of course, I’d love your expert opinion. Are there cute brown and champagne shoes out there? Any leopard print suggestions? Have any other ideas?

Ok, now I can go back to talking to you on gchat.


The girl formerly known as Clink

I’m with you on the champagne-colored shoes. It’s a toughie. Most searches bring you to a shocking gold or a slightly cheap looking rose gold, neither of which is what you’re going for. However, if you move away from the idea of strappy, there’s actually some cute options.

I’m kidding. But pretty shoes, no?

Sergio Rossi, $540.

I think these shoes are stunning and perfect for making an impact.

Luxious by Nine West, $89.

I happen to know for a fact that these cute little ruffles would tie in nicely with a detail on somebody’s dress… 😉

Jessica Bennett Hood, $75.98.

The rich brown would look fantastic with the dresses and the chunkier heel works for maximum wear time.

Katelyn by RSVP, $65.

A combination of BOTH your colors!

Headliner by Naughty Monkey, $79.

As for a leopard print, aside from your grandmother having a heart attack (you know she would, Clinky!), I love the idea. My only concern is that you find the RIGHT leopard print. If not done right or in the correct colors, animal print has a tendency to lean towards the cheesy side. If leopard is your ultimate decision, I would suggest trying on a few pairs WITH the dress to get the right look.

Some of my favorites include:

Love how the spots are close enough to give the appearance of a brown shoe, while also continuing all the way down the heel.

All Sexy Shoes, $46.

The brown platform adds to comfort and ties in nicely with your colors.

Willa by Luchiny, $66.49.

And for a kick, why not go with a little sparkle? 🙂

Gala pumps by Coloriffics, $55.95.


Remember, today is the last day to enter for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Marshalls shoe stores! Comments will close at 5 p.m. today. Click HERE to enter!

My bridesmaids are officially wearing purple shoes! I will be wearing red shoes that match perfectly with their bridesmaid dresses! Here are their shoes:

Which means we will most definitely be taking this picture:

And the guys will be wearing fun socks in red or purple (or a combination of both — if anyone knows where to get great argyle socks let me know!) and will be taking this picture:

Both shoe images courtesy of Whitebox Weddings

After the wedding, I’m going to have both images framed side by side because if that doesn’t scream Molly, I don’t know what does.

And since all my beautiful girls will be wearing red, I was struck by this picture that I can’t wait to have. Gorgeous.

This week’s Shoeru post will be pushed to tomorrow, as I didn’t have time to finish it. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win  a $50 gift certificate for shoes! The contest ends tomorrow evening!

Hi. I’m Molly and I love shoes.

You knew that, right? Well I love them so much that I want to share the wealth with you guys.

I was recently contacted my the PR company for Marshalls — the off-price retailer where you can find clothes, home goods, bags, SHOES and more for way less than department stores or boutiques. Marshalls’ around the country are creating a new in-store boutique called Marshalls Shoes MegaShop where even more designer shoes will be available!

As some of you who read my gchat message the other day already know, they have offered me a gift certificate for FREE SHOES. Be still my heart. Nothing could make me happier.

But because I love you guys so much, I asked if they would send me another gift certificate. For you!

In the near future they will be sending me a widget that will direct you to an interactive shoe game where you can win a shopping sweepstakes just for playing! But in the meantime, we’ll play a little game of our own here.

Leave a comment on this post and tell me what kind of shoes you would buy with your $50 gift certificate to Marshalls. Black peep toe pumps? Gold Grecian sandals? Wellies?

The contest will run until Thursday, May 15th at 5 p.m. EST. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday.

Good luck!! 

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I have to ease into Monday. After a weekend of waking up when I wanted to, not  because the alarm told me to, I always need to take baby steps the beginning of the week.

I have a routine. Get to work, check work email, check personal email, check blog email, sign into WordPress, see whose posted, write post, fill out time sheet that I should have filled out all week long but never remember to do and then try to figure out what exactly I did on Wednesday at 2:45 p.m. because for the life of me I can’t remember.

It’s my routine. And it works for me.

This morning I was the first to arrive at the office. I leisurely made my way around the building, unlocking doors and turning on lights. I then walked to my desk prepared to begin my Monday morning business.

Except something was not right.

My trash can and recycling bin were on my desk instead of under it. And they were full. Did the cleaning service forget me? I put them on the floor with a shrug and went to hang up my coat, when I noticed the sweater I keep at my desk was not in its usual spot. Hm…did it fall?

I hung it up, switched on my computer and flopped into my chair.

OK- what is going on? This is NOT my chair! You grow accustomed to a chair. Mine is just the right combination of squish and firm. There’s a few crumbs in the crevices of the leather (faux-leather? I never really thought about it.) and the arms are just where I want them to be.

This was not my chair.

Confused, I jumped up as though the chair had bit me. Why would someone take my chair? What was going on at my desk? In a panic I left my desk to explore those of my coworkers. I sat down at one desk. Is this my chair?

No, this is not my chair.

I peeked around the corner of another cube. Is that my chair?

No, that doesn’t look like my chair.

Losing hope, I wandered over to the last desk and flopped down.

My chair!

Then quickly, I wheeled it over to my desk as fast as I could to avoid running into a coworker while I stole chairs like a crazy person.

After giving my chair a once over and convincing myself that yes, this in indeed my chair, I started to wonder about this whole office caper. Who would rearrange my stuff and move my chair? Who was the office bandit and was I the only one to be hit?

During this thought process I happened to glance down and noticed the floors seemed especially shiny.

And then I vaguely remembered hearing someone mention that the floors were being redone this weekend.

It slowly dawned on me that it was entirely possible that the people working on the floor had to, you know, MOVE stuff that is on the floor to make them shiny.


Guess there really was no office caper after all.

I suppose I should go fill out my time sheet.

Today my friend sent me the proof of my wedding invitation and I’m in love with it. Personal info is blurred, but you can get the idea.

I’m looking for opinions. The original proof has a red bar on the bottom that I can’t decide if I like or not:

This is it without the bar. I think I’m leaning towards this one, but I can’t decide! If I go with this one I will have the leaves spread farther across the bottom.


RELAX. I posted it because it was funny — not to start a war. Think what you want to think. Read if you want to read. Or not. I’m not posting these comments as a way to gather up “Team Molly” and boost my self-esteem and/or number of comments. I post them because it makes me feel better and if I don’t laugh at them, they’re going to get under my skin.

Talk to me when you start getting trashed by strangers on a daily basis. Someone said if I really want to be a writer, I have to get used to criticism. She’s right. It’s something you have to deal with. However, I have the right to respond in any way I see fit. And if posting the Best Of on MY blog makes me feel better, it’s what I’m going to do. And the way I handle criticism has no reflection on my writing ability.

In the whole time I’ve been blogging I have never ONCE trashed someone just because I didn’t agree with what they had to say. I’ve left comments saying just that — I don’t agree, but I’ve never called them vomit-inducing,  a mindless bimbo, a vapid ninny, a slut, or any more of the multiple names I’ve been called.

I write about my life, my love of shoes, how blessed I am to be in love with someone so wonderful and all the other little moments in my life. Sappy? Yes. Sickingly sweet? Occasionally.

But it’s who I am and I own it. I’m not ashamed. I also don’t really understand what people are hating on me for. It’s not like I called you a whore and kicked your puppy.

This is my space and I invite you to visit, but from now on, the mean comments will be deleted. For my own sanity. Because you can only be called names in print so many times before it really starts to eat at you.

The end.

Posted on a blog that doesn’t deserve to be linked to, following a homemade Youtube video making fun of women looking for men:

” [and then] I came across this blog. I nearly choked to death on my own vomit.”

I laughed. It takes mad skilz to induce vomit. Go me!



OK I think I need to make something clear to all the people who want to yell at me for calling out someone for having an opinion. That’s great! Let her have one. But I have one too. So my blog, my rules. The good comments get posted. End of story.

If you don’t like it, I’ll send you a barf bag.


DevilsHeaven (aka my wedding date twin!) asks:

I’m torn about my wedding shoes. My “foundation garment” comes equipped with garters for thigh highs, which I think would make me feel supper sexy on my wedding day. However, that would mean closed toe shoes, which I think would add to the hot factor, and I’m talking as in HEAT not the Paris Hilton “That’s HOTT” factor.
When discussing this with a friend she was horrified that I would consider wearing an open toe shoe in late October. But I see no issue with it. Is late October TOO late for open toes?

Horrified? Then don’t send her to my blog! In case you don’t remember, my late October wedding would not be complete without my VERY open-toe wedding shoes:

Personally, I wear open-toe until the cold and rainy-ness of early winter hits. Do you remember last October? It was gorgeous 70-degree weather till almost the end. (Cross your fingers it happens again this year!) If weather permits, feel free to wear open-toe.


If you do choose to go with a foundation garment and thigh highs, then you must absolutely, positively NOT wear open-toe shoes with your stockings, less you want to commit the ultimate fashion faux pas on your wedding day.  I shudder at the thought. Stockings + open-toe shoes are always a don’t.

That being said, I think it’s important that you feel your most beautiful/sexy on your wedding day so if the garters and thigh highs do that for you I say go for it. If the weather is warm, you’re going to be hot because of the stockings, not the shoes so you might as well do the whole package.

I’m assuming you’re going with a white shoe, and some closed-toe options include these dainty heels (not to high for optimum dancing time):

Godiva by Coloriffics, $67

Or a simple pointy toe like these:

Bernice by Touch Ups, $55.

Personally, I’ve found that there’s an abundance of beautiful open-toe wedding shoes in everything for d’orsay to strappy sandals. If you decided to go with an open shoe you will have no shortage of ones to choose from. Some of my favorites include:

Mardi by RSVP, $65

If you have the cash, adorn your tootsies in some SW glam:

Sashay by Stuart Weitzman, $280

Whatever you do, don’t let someone else dictate your shoe choice for the big day — not even me! If you find something you love, get it. It’s the one day in your life when it’s all about you! (OK, OK, and your husband too.)

Got a question for the Shoeru? Email me at