Over the past few years I’ve been blogging I’ve come across tons and tons of wonderful blogs. Look over to the left. See that looong list of blogs? I read them all. Between work and life it usually takes me awhile to get through them, but I do.

And there’s more. Many more! My blogroll needs a serious update and eventually I’ll get to it. Am I reading you? Should I be?

I mentioned awhile ago that some of my newest reads are bridal blogs. I adore these because they’re written by women just like me, going through the same things I am, all while trying not to sink under the weight of wedding planning. These brides-to-be have developed their own little community and have graciously welcomed me in with open arms.

I can’t possibly list them all, but I’d like to share with you some of my favorites. Because even if you’re not getting married, if you have any interest in weddings, color, photography or design, you’ll love these ladies.

With This Ring…

This is the first one I got hooked on and it’s safe to say that I adore her. Darci showcases the cream of the crop and always comes up with the cutest ideas. On top of that, she’s lovely and is always a joy to email with.

Tying the Knot

Jessica’s blog is one of my first stops of the day. Her short and sweet posts always include an fantastic idea that I. Just. Need. She also includes polls and sometimes it feels like she’s in my head — asking the questions I didn’t know who to ask!

Hasel Bride

The girl is contemplating Manolos for her wedding day. ‘Nough said. I love her sophisticated blog design, happy attitude and adorable engagement pictures!

A Windy City Wedding

I like this blog because she reminds me of me. Plan, plan, plan, ideas, ideas, ideas. Phew! Then start all over again. She’s always coming up with things I never would have thought of and I kind of want to hang out with her in real life.

Yellow Brick Blog

Recently married, Lyndsy has some of the most beautifully unique photos I have ever seen at a wedding. She and her husband ooze fun and I bet they had a spectacular day. Her blog is a mix of wedding planning and every day life, which I can appreciate and she always makes for a good read.

Kate’s Wedding

This girl is what I aspire to be as a bride-to-be: organized. I’m always shocked at how together she is about everything and hope that reading her rubs off on my planning. Plus, she has great taste in shoes too. Can’t fault a girl for that!

Elizabeth Anne Designs

My go-to guide for inspiration. Their Real Weddings features always have me drooling and the site is always packed with information. On top of that, the writers are complete dolls.


Nowhere else have I found such a great group of brides all in once place. Weddingbee features many different bloggers from many different backgrounds, all with different points of view. This melting pot of brides is always really interesting to read through and I love seeing their planning pictures.

So there’s a short list of my daily wedding inspiration. Check them out, you’ll be glad you did!