It’s been five months since I started Operation Buff Bride. It’s been going pretty well, minus some dips in the routine when I’ve just been too damn lazy to get my butt to the gym. The workout video I bought is a nice substitution, although the woman who hosts it has washboard abs and built legs and I know for a fact she did not get them from doing the video.


I’ve essentially reached the weight I want to be at (and also the weight I think my body wants to be at. Those last few pounds are always the hardest!) so I’m focusing on maintaining it and getting toned. I’m actually pretty impressed with my arm muscles and if you watched me, you could probably catch me flexing them throughout the day. Truthfully I do it just to make sure they’re still there!

It has definitely helped having Jen as a gym buddy. It’s easier to go when someone shows up in your driveway and beeps their horn at you. Plus there’s no better time to catch up on daily gossip than while using a weight machine.

Or, you know, while drinking martinis. But let’s stay focused here.

In addition to Jen, this girl and I have developed a texting encouragement system. Usually it goes something like:

“Tell me I have to go to the gym. The couch is looking too comfy.”

“Go! You’ll feel so much better when you’re done!”

“Ugh…U R right. Ok ok. I’m going!”


And in the mornings we catch up over Gchat and fill each other in on our accomplishments. Or the time on the couch. Depending on how the night went.

But despite all of this, I’m still starting to find myself burning out on the gym. And I do NOT want to burn out on the gym. A typical routine goes something like this:


Triceps machine
Bicep machine
Shoulder press
(As many reps of each I can stand)

Leg press
Hip Abductor
Hip Adductor
(Again, as many as I can stand before my legs start shaking)

Ab machines
Calve press (I don’t know if that’s the technical term, but it’s given me calves when I had none.)


Lately it’s been something like:

15 minutes stepper
30 minutes bike
15 minutes elliptical

Or some combination of that. When I do arms at home, I use my free weights (too annoying to fight for mirror space at the gym) and use my video and an arm routine sent to me by this lady which kicks my ass but is awesome.

But people, I’m bored!Β And I’m looking for suggestions on how to amp up my routine. I already throw in some tennis every now and then to get outside, but I need some more I can do while in the gym. Help a sister out. I’ll show you the direction to the gun show. Β