Pardon my absence yesterday. I spent the last two days in Toronto and hardly had a moment to wash my hair, let alone blog.

So, Canada. Aside from the traveling it took to get there, (I blame the two guys who don’t have passports, making us fly to Buffalo then drive into Canada) the trip was quite fun.

Some things I learned on my trip to Canada:

– they really do say “eh”.

– it’s hot there too. Really hot.

– crossing the boarder into Canada is a lot easier than crossing back into the US. All you need to get into Canada is your license. The US requires a blood and urine sample, three forms of I.D., $600 and a promise of sexual favors.

– they are very literal. No need to wonder what is sold at The Beer Store or The Sod Depot.

– iced tea at restaurants is sweetend. They tell you that when you order.

– the Monte Carlo Inn and Suites is only one step up from a Days Inn. The shower curtain will smell weird.

– JetBlue is a pretty awesome airline. The extra leg room and TVs in every seat makes the flight go a lot faster. So does a John & Kate Plus Eight marathon.

– JKF airport is a hell hole that should be condemned. A two-hour layover will feel like six.

– I will forever rue the day I decided to wear flip flops on the plane. You know you have to take your shoes off when you go through security, right? I forgot. Until my feet were touching the ground. Ewwww.

– cramming four adults into a Sebring convertible will be a challenge.

– but ladies who get carsick will be allowed to sit in the front seat.

– the thought of a hot shower will be the only bright thought on your flight home.

– but when you get home, only to find the hot water heater broke in your absence, you will forgo a 2 a.m. shower for you bed.

– however, you WILL have to suck it up in the morning and try and lather up while pressing yourself against the shower wall as far as possible from the water.

– if you don’t get to take your comp day until next week, you will be tired. Very tired. And will spend your morning wondering if there’s such a thing in RI as The Chocolate Store because that would be pretty wonderful right now.