From an article in Newsweek:

Bridesmaid Pre-Nuptial Agreement.

“Yes, you read that right. If having to squeeze into a puffy, unflattering horror of a dress wasn’t bad enough, now bridesmaids have another indignity to contend with. Some brides are so worried about the way their wedding party will look, they have a lawyer draw up a pre-nup that can include things like requiring that a bridesmaid not gain more than 7 pounds before the wedding, not consume too much alcohol at the reception, vow to take extra care of her skin and hair, and not to make any inappropriate advances toward male guests at the reception.

Although brides who’ve used pre-nups were reluctant to go on the record for this story, several of them explained that the agreements were necessary to ensure that their day was perfect.

If worded correctly and signed by both members, the contract, which can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to draw up, could be used in court. For example, Kessler says, if a woman flew all the way to Hawaii for a wedding and didn’t end up being a bridesmaid because of a breach in her contract, and then she tried to sue the bride for the expenses of her flying to Hawaii, the contract could be used in court as proof that the bride had the right to take away the privilege of being a bridesmaid.”

Blink. Blink, blink, blink.

Did I just read that correctly? A pre-nup for bridesmaids? Actually, one of my bridesmaids sent me this story and I told her that it was brilliant. I can now make demands like you MUST file your nails to a rounded shape rather than square. If there’s a sharp edge, you’re out!

Or what about perfume? Maybe they’ll all have to wear the same scent. Don’t like it because it doesn’t work well with your chemistry? Oh well, you’re OUT!

Oooh and maybe I’ll make them all buy various heel heights so in the end they are all exactly 5 feet 5.23 inches tall. If they break a heel I will sue them for all they’ve got.

Fear the Bridezilla!