Since it went over so well last Friday and there is an abundance of scary out there, I give you for your Friday pleasure…

Remember the poofy dress from last week? This is her again. In her carriage. Really.

And these are her bridesmaids! Which makes me think I really went the wrong direction when picking dresses for my girls. I’d need three more colors though so maybe lime green, yellow and hot purple.

Yes! Just what I was looking for. Creepy headless place settings. What are they supposed to put in those things? Cash? Give us money or we’ll bite your heads off. Also, notice the TWO random Jordon almonds.

Michael, baby. I got just the present for you. His and Hers thongs! The black shrink wrap is so manly and it’s always been my dream to cover my lady business with a doily. Break out the razor, we got a tushie to shave.

Get ready to Take the Plunge. Or blatantly say your marriage is going down the toilet like a piece of crap.

Happy Friday!