Yesterday was a wonderful day. I took a comp day I had saved from my Canada trip and headed to my old work to have lunch with two of my most favorite people.

The lunch was unfortunately too short, but it was great to sit outside, catch up and spend time with people I didn’t realize how much I missed until we were together laughing.

Later in the day, Michael and I headed to our caterer for our official tasting!

And the winner is: Chicken Roulade Filled with Prosciutto and Mozzarella. I was skeptical, but it’s SO good and I think that anyone who doesn’t like prosciutto will still like this dish because it’s not overpowering and basically just moist and delicious. The sides are green beans and the most amazing ginger mashed sweet potatoes. I could not stop eating them.

But the best decision of the tasting was most definitely our desserts.

The two-part dessert will feature a cupcake tower with two different kinds of cupcakes. A traditional white cake with a yummy sugary frosting and a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. They will be deep purples and reds to go with our color pallet. Something like this:

Also, and this is my personal favorite, we’re definitely doing the cookie bar! There’s going to be five different type of cookies, including chocolate chip, peanut butter, ginger, a sugar cookie dipped in chocolate and my shout out to my roots — New York black and white cookies. They will all be displayed in big jars similar to this:

And to top it all off — because what are cookies without a glass of milk — little shot glasses:

Omigod, is it October yet? I seriously cannot wait to eat!