7:15 a.m.

I hear a voice calling me far off in the distance. “Molly, wake uuuup.” No, no I will fight the voice. I will not wake up. “Moooolllly!” Grrrrrr. Open eyes. See Michael hovering over me grinning. Look at clock. 7:15? No. I will not wake up. I don’t have to wake up until 8! What are you doing to me? Go away. Go. Shoo! Michael, really. Shoo. Thank you!

7:31 a.m.

Grrrr the blender is SO LOUD. Why does he have to make a smoothie right this very minute? Doesn’t he know I have 29 more minutes of blissful sleep? Shhhh.

7:33 a.m.

I dream that I’m taking a shower in a public bathroom (ew) wearing a bathing suit (odd) when a woman starts yelling that I cut her in line. I tell her there was no line, but she can form one now because I’m not done. Suddenly there’s a group of angry mothers complaining that their kids need a shower and I ignore them and continue to wash my armpits and feet, which are really the only things I end up washing since I’m wearing a bathing suit.

OK then.

7:55 a.m.

“Moooolllly. Good morning!” OK! I’m up, I’m up. I’m moving. Am I moving? Just put one foot out of the blanket. A little more…a little more…OK! Now the other foot. Almost there…but the pillow is so soft and UP!

7:57 a.m.

Puppy love!  Hi! Hi, hi,  hi, hi! Good morning! Can I pee please? I can barely open my eyes and you’ve had a full day already. Silly dog. Hi Michael, good morning to you too. Boy are you chipper for 8 a.m. Lunch? Yeah, sure. I can make you lunch. No, Kodiak. You may not have any turkey. Go sit down. Go on. Sit. Sit down! Good boy. Here’s some cheese. Oh, you love cheese!

Michael probably wants chips. Ew, salt and vinegar. I hate salt and vinegar. Can I get them in the sandwich bag without touching them? I think I can, I think I can, I think I…yes!

8:15 a.m.

Shower time. Jeesh, showering is such a process sometimes. I wish I could just be magically ready. Oh I should try that new deodorant today. It claims to be super strong and have no white residue which YEAH RIGHT, but I’ll try it. It has the same amount of active ingredients as all those clinical ones but is half the price. I’m nothing if not a bargain hunter. Yes, even with deodorant.

Did I ever tell the bloggies about the last deodorant? I dont’ think so. I’ll have to tell them it’s OK but not as good as my old one. I should also tell them that the Shoeru hasn’t died, she’s just behind and yes, they can still submit questions and I’ll add it to the list. Wow, I miss buying shoes. A lot. I think that will be my first purchase after the wedding. Wedding. Cupcake. Dessert. Ice cream. Gelato. Sugar. Cereal. Breakfast.

I should get out of the shower.

At work.

Huh, this deodorant does work (Mitchum). And no residue. We’ll see how it is at the end of the day.

George Carlin died? How did I miss that? And that means there’s one more, right? First Tim Russert, now Carlin…who’s next? I hate how death comes in threes. Mostly with famous people. Does it happen with non-famous people too? Probably. I don’t really want to find out.

I’m still hungry. The English muffin didn’t cut it. Oooh I have my frozen grapes downstairs! I forgot I left some at work. Mmm grapes are good.  

It’s only 9:30? How is it only 9:30? Oh, Monday. You strike again.