In a month and a day I have a party to go to. A wedding, actually. Whose wedding, you ask? My dear friend Clink. That’s right! The girl is getting married in four weeks omigod. My undying love for her is clear to any of you who have read in the past and the fact that her pre-wedding gift is sitting on my desk has nothing to do with the fact that I’m a bad friend and everything to do with the fact that I need a box to fit it in. Check the mail early next week, darling!

So, that being said. I need a dress. Now I know I enlisted all your help last time I was going to a wedding and then never made good on it, but I had my reasons. Mostly because the government is MEAN and made me pay a lot in taxes. But since I got my stimulus check and essentially broke even and it’s summer and I seriously have nothing to wear to this wedding, you must help me again.

#1: A simple little black dress, kicked up with some ruffle. Basic, safe, but pretty, no?

#2: I really like this one. The black and white pattern make it unique and I think the portrait collar would be really flattering. Or would it?

#3: I love the color, but I’m not sure about the neckline. Or the waist. Or the bust. Hmmm.

#4: Now it IS a New York wedding in the evening, but am I going to melt in sleeves in July? And brown isn’t really a summer color, is it. But the silhouette is so pretty.

#5: You might remember I was looking at this one in navy last time. Well the navy is no longer available, but I think the purple is really rich and beautiful. Plus, I like the wrap waist.

#6: Love the color, but if the chest doesn’t fit right it might stick out.

#7: I love it because it’s fun and different. But is it TOO fun and different? Do you see playful dress…or circus tent?

All dresses are from Nodrstrom.