Winner:The black and white dress. I really love it and it looks fabulous with red shoes. I’ll post pictures after Clink’s wedding. Plus, it’s going to double as my rehearsal dinner dress.

Loser: Secret Flawless deodorant.

Let me tell you a little back story. Years and years ago I used Secret because it was supposed to be strong (enough for a man, but made for a woman.) As a dancer, I would get very hot and sweat a lot and I needed something that could hold up to the challenge. Secret was strong. So strong, in fact, that it completely dried out the skin around my armpits and that was just plain gross.

So I switched — to what, I can’t remember —  but it wasn’t doing the trick. So when Secret came out with Secret with Olay, I jumped at it. And it was like they designed it just for me.

And then they discontinued it. Or if they didn’t discontinue it, they stopped selling it in the state of Rhode Island.

So this story brings us to the trial of Secret Flawless WITH Olay which IS NOT THE SAME. It’s doing the same thing the old stuff did and let me tell you, a dry armpit is an itchy armpit and one cannot constantly scratch their armpit in public without running the risk of looking like an ape.

Winner: This girl, right here. For just writing about her itchy armpit.

Loser: The commenter yesterday who decided to make it clear that I am the type of person who “gives brides a bad name.” Me and my minutia. So boring! Oh well, her and her comment made their way to my trash bin.

Winners: The rest of you guys, because you totally rock.

Loser: Tuesday. Because it’s not Friday and also it’s gorgeous out, making it the perfect beach day which I am sadly longing for while starting out the skylight.

Winner: Michael’s grandmother, who confessed to me last night that she watches Gilmore Girls, even though she’ll shut it off if someone comes in the house. “She didn’t marry him, did she?” she asked me.

“Who, Luke?”

“Yes, the one with the backwards hat. He wasn’t right for her.”

While trying to hold in my laughter I told her I had to disagree. I think Luke was just perfect for Lorelai and made her complete.

Loser: I just debated the love life of a fictional character with a woman 50-some odd years my senior. I’m cool.