Guess who’s back, back again.

Sorry for the shoe hiatus, lovelies. Truth be told, I got overwhelmed with advice requests and then had no time to put in the time needed to answer them! If you emailed me with pressing shoe advice and I missed your deadline, I’m so sorry. Hopefully the archives were able to help you.

I’ve done it a few times before, but I want to offer it publicly now. If you have a pressing shoe advice question you need answered before I can get to it on the blog, I will answer it through email. Seriously, I like this stuff.

Now, on to the good stuff.

The darling Cindy asks:

Dear Shoeru,

I’m a big fan of heels. Read: Almost everything in my closet is a chiropractor visit waiting to happen. I also love flip flops, and find them to be of great utility in the sweltering summers here in the Deep South, but my trusty GAP flops aren’t very stylish. My question is, what can I put on my feet during the summer that’s cute, comfy, and practical? I wear shorts often during the day and at night tend toward skirts and capris.

Sweating in the South

You mean your stilettos won’t work on the soccer field, Cici? Even if they were black and white? Alright, let’s see what we can do.

I too am a fan of the cute flip flop, but unless you’re sitting at a desk all day, they don’t work for a summer full of errands, play dates, shopping and dinners. My first suggestion for an easy day to night shoe would be a flat with a little bit of a heel. And because it’s summer, forget the basic black and play with color!

The red in this shoe actually works as a neutral because it can be paired with so many things. The mesh-like leather will allow your feet to breathe during your travels and it can be paired with everything from shorts to a dress. Yes, $83 is a bit high for a flat, but try and measure the value by the number of times you wear it!

Nevada by Me Too, $83

If you’re looking for an uber-summer look, a strappy sandal is the way to go. But for maximum wear you want to find one that has enough cushioning that you won’t be cursing me two hours into your day. Both of these shoes are bare enough that they add elegance to a more dressy outfit, yet still casual enough for a day at the zoo with your kids. Choose a navy, tan, brown or black for optimum styling. (They look cute with jeans, too!)


Diamond by Annie, $60   


   Perryann by Nine West, $73

When in absolute doubt (or if wearing flip flops is the only appropriate footwear), just don a fabulous tote and throw a pair of your precious heels in there for later. A lady can never have too many shoes.

A downside to summer shoes is that they usually contain over the toe straps, or behind the heel straps, or materials that cause more pain than beauty. Because of that, I think this is a perfect time to fill you in on a product my aunt recently sent me.

The BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stickis a shoe lovers best friend. Made originally for athletes who experience chafing on their nipplage area, this deodorant-shaped product got me through an entire day in brand new patent heels with barely a red mark. No blister, no pain.

Simply rub it on your heel, under a strap or around your toes and breaking in a new shoe is no longer such a pain. It can even be used for exercise to prevent blisters while running. I did find that my heel slipped a little more after I initially applied it, but once it had been on awhile I was ok. I also needed another coat about four hours later, but seeing as I can just toss it in my bag, it was no big deal.

BodyGlide, $14.99

Update: you can find it for $8 at Sports Authority!

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