Things making my life difficult right this very moment:

– My pants don’t fit. All my bottoms are big, but the next size down is a little too snug. Stacey and Clinton would say buy the bigger size and have them tailored, but who has the time or money to do that to all their pants? Not me!

– There is a bag of roasted garlic and herb potato chips taunting me from the corner of my desk. I could put them in the drawer, but I’ll still know they’re there.

– The beach is 4 minutes down the street. I am currently not lying on it.

– My checking account is shockingly low. I do not get paid until the 15th. That means no martinis for me this weekend. A wise girl does not tap her savings for a drink. Even if it does taste like pineapples.

– I have begun frequenting the Knot more and more and let me just tell you, these wedding DIY queens who have the perfect napkin rings that go with the perfect thank you tags that match the perfect wine glass charms make me want to pull my hair out. I may also be slightly jealous of their awesome organizational skills.

– Chocolate. I don’t have any.

Things that are making me happy right this very moment:

– Tomorrow is the weekend. A weekend which will include shopping for our wedding bands! And suits for the guys! And the BEACH. (Finally!)

– My shower invitations went out last week and people are starting to RSVP! I can’t wait to see what the invitation looks like. (No, it’s not a surprise shower. There would be no way to get me to NY without me figuring it out!) This whole wedding thing? It’s getting so REAL!

– In one hour it will officially be “afternoon” and I will feel far less guilty about breaking into those potato chips.