One of my favorite wedding tasks by far took place this weekend. Looking for our wedding rings. Seeing Michael with a band on his finger made it feel so real, so wonderful. He’s really going to be my husband.

We went to two jewelers and I was surprised to find that the original idea I had for my wedding band was not what I ended up liking. I also discovered that I am extremely particular and was lucky to deal with two designers who understood exactly what I was talking about. The result is going to be beautiful.

Sometimes I still can’t believe how quickly things are going.  By the end of this week we will be in the double digits. Time is soaring by. My shower and bachelorette party are less than a month away and it’s finally time to start sorting out all the little details.

I’ve also started thinking about our vows and what I will say to Michael as we stand on the alter. I recently went back and read through some of my archives and I wish it was as simple as printing them out because some of them say exactly what I want to share that day. And then there’s so much more.

I’ve been accused by friends and family of being a mush. Or a sapface, as one friend likes to call me. And I don’t deny it, not to them, not you to, because I’ve always maintained that I love love more than anything. I feel blessed to have such a powerful thing in my life and I try not to take it for granted.

So is being a mush such a bad thing? I’m not putting on a show for you, when the love oozes out of my pores it’s because I can’t contain it anymore. I really do love him that much. He is by far the best thing that ever happened to me.

How I will be able to accurately express these feelings on our wedding day is still a mystery to me. Even more of a mystery is how I will get through them without completely losing it.

I better be wearing some ultra-waterproof mascara.