The man should wear a suit every day.

This weekend we walked out of the store with a haul. Two suits, two shirts, two ties, socks, a belt and shoes.

(Really gorgeous more-than-we-should-have-paid leather shoes.) (I could not be more proud of him.) 

But back to the suits.

For Clink’s wedding (and any future summer events), a gray pinstripe with the best fitting blue shirt I have ever seen on a man. I may have had an impure thought or two when he walked out of the dressing room. Just saying.

And his wedding suit. His WEDDING SUIT, people. As in the outfit he will be wearing when he marries me. I just can’t get over how transformative a suit can be. I always find him attractive, but when he stepped in front of the mirror I was smitten all over again.

Although, that could have been the shoes. Maybe.