Period talk, boys. Move along.

Actually, more pill talk, which could be equally disturbing to most men.

So here we go.

About eight years ago when I started on the pill I was on the one everyone was on — Ortho Tri-Cyclin. Which worked great with no problems until my junior year of college when my hormones must have changed and I went all wackadoo. I switched to Ortho-Lo, and while my emotions went back to normal, I found myself with regular spotting always 10 days before my period.

Not a sign of anything wrong, but certainly an inconvenience. But I stuck it out for the next few years because a) it’s a hassle to change and b) I didn’t want to get all wackadoo again. But the spotting was getting to me so I switched again to Yasmin.

Same problem.

This brings us to last month, when I switched doctors and told her I was tired of the spotting and yeah, let’s do something about that. She prescribed me Yaz — a pill that claims to reduce all the symptoms of your period (bloating, cramping, crazy lady emotions) and give you a very light, very short  period. Unlike most pills, Yaz works on a 24-pill schedule as opposed to the 21-pill packs like Ortho.

So here we are, the day after pill 24 and I’m just a sitting duck wondering when-oh-when the big P will arrive. I hate not knowing. For the past eight years I’ve know basically down to the hour when it will arrive. This is annoying.

This is also the time that my brain starts churning around and freaking out that omg could I possibly be pregnant? Uh, no. But I did decide to Google it, which lead me to a dozen message boards of women saying oh yeah, I hardly get my period on Yaz and the first month I thought I was pregnant.


I mean, shouldn’t they put that on the label or something? And also, if that’s what it’s going to be like every month I’m switching back, because that little indication that all is how it should be? It’s a good thing.

I swear, Yaz must be in cahoots with EPT and First Response. They probably make a killing from women their first month on Yaz.

I haven’t jumped on the pregnancy test bandwagon, because I know I”m not. But I’d love to hear from anyone who is on/has been on Yaz. Peace of mind is always a good thing.

Men, you can open your eyes now.