There will be no posting.

There will be sleeping in (a little).

There will be last minute rushing around to get things packed, vacuum the living room, change the sheets in the guest room and leave a detailed note of how much food to give the dog.

There will be a car to a train, and a train to a city. A push through Grand Central and a cab to the hotel.

There will be a black and white dress and red shoes, a gray suit on a handsome man.

And then there will be a wedding.

My dearest Clink, I cannot wait to share your special day with you. It seems like just yesterday we were complaining to each other — why hasn’t it happened? And then it did. We shared the excitement, the stress and the frustration.

And also five or six martinis.

I am truly honored to be your friend and will be carrying lots of tissues because I know I will cry when you and M say your vows.

Congratulations — to the very near future Mrs. M.

I love you more than Louboutins.