It’s hard to put into words what Clink’s wedding was to me. This blogging world is a funny place, you know? When Clink and I first started talking I had no idea it would turn into this full blown friendship that would end up with invitations to each other’s weddings.

Sitting in the church, waiting for her to come down the aisle felt like theย result of all we had worked for. I know this sounds ridiculous, it’s not like I was marrying her! But what I’m trying to convey in a not very clear way is that we talked every day. Every. Day. for nearly a year as she planned her wedding day. And when I got engaged she eagerly jumped in to start planning mine. She truly became one of my best friends and I felt beyond happy for her as the music began for her walk down the aisle.

It occurred to me as I sat there that just the day before was exactly three months until my wedding day. Twelve weeks until it would be my turn to wait anxiously behind the church doors. It feels like just last week Clink was at her 12 week mark and I can’t believe how quickly time flies.

I know the mush factor gets a little high around here sometimes, but today it’s probably going to be off the charts. I’ve left barf bags by the front door if you need them.

I am so happy to have been witness to the joining of a couple who is so in love.

I am so happy to have been sitting next to the man I will soon be joined to while their vows were said.

All the little details that I’ve agonized over with Clink for months suddenly didn’t seem so important. Not in that moment.

In 12 weeks I’m going to get married. There will be programs and centerpieces and appetizers, but most of all there’s going to be a moment on an alter when I will be asked if I take this man as my husband.

With everything I have in my heart, yes.

Yes I will.