I have my wedding hair trial next Wednesday and in my head, I have the perfect image of exactly what I want it to look like.

And then I open my mouth and it sounds something like, “Curly. You know, big, but not too big. And not super tight curls. Relaxed. Soft. But with a few pieces pulled back so the front doesn’t frizz when I dance. But not half up. You know, like Kate Hudson. Only, not.”

Try saying that to my stylist. She’ll either totally get it, or I’ll walk out looking like a poodle on crack. I dont’ want to look like a poodle on crack on my wedding day. Maybe a poodle on pain killers, but not a poodle on crack.

So to combat this problem of my words not translating into fabulous hair, I’ve been collecting photos forever. And none are exactly it. Some are almost  there, but not quite. Others I like the back, but not the front. And on, and on, and on…

One of my best haircuts ever came from me bringing in three different pictures of three different celebrities. One cut from the back, another from the front and another from the side. It worked out great. I’m hoping this happens again when my stylist is faced with 248 puzzle pieces she’ll have to assemble into one.

You know, something like…

The softness of this.

But away from my face like this.

Oooh with maybe a back like this.

(Side note: This is actually my favorite picture so far, I’m just concerned I’ll look bald if all my hair is in the back. I don’t rock the no hair look well.)

Is this making any sense? Yes, I completely realize that maybe I’m being insane and there is no way to seamlessly blend all my ideas together. I can only hope that my stylist gets it and doesn’t try to recreate the classic movie Annie.