The weekend. In bullet form. Because my right eye is red and itchy and ouchy and if I wasn’t 25 I would think I have pink eye. Wait, I just looked it up. Apparently at 25 you absolutely can have pink eye and omigod I probably do and my eye is going to fall out and land on my desk, spreading the pink eye throughout the office and I think I should really go home.

Or, maybe it’s just an itchy eye and I should suck it up and admit that it’s Monday and it’s going to be one one of those weeks because in addition to my itchy eye, I have already dropped white yogurt down my black shirt.

So. What was I saying? Oh yes. The weekend.

– Friday I left work with the intention of dropping stuff off at the post office, then heading home. But then I realized I needed a new beach chair and after I bought that I was right near the liquor store and some white wine seemed very appealing so I bought that too.

– When I got home I sat on the couch for three minutes before hurling myself off and going to the gym. I knew there would be no gym this weekend and I couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste. (That’s right, back on the gym train. Choo. Choo.)

– When I came out of the gym I had a message from the salon telling me my hair trial has been pushed to September. Remind myself not to freak out because it’s still going to be 6 weeks before the wedding at that’s plenty of time. Even if it did throw a big, fat wrench into my nicely planned calendar.

– Saturday ended up being a total bust because all my plans fell through. After I was done moping about it, I went to the store and made a recipe out of an Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine from 2007 that I accidentally-on-purpose borrowed from the gym. Don’t worry, I replaced itย was the latest Allure.

– The recipe was good. I believe she calls it a “stoup”. Not a soup, but not quite a stew. Michael thought the word “stoup” was ridiculous. Iย have to agree.

– Yesterday I began my day with my daily contribution to 100 push ups. Have you heard about this? It’s a great way to train yourself to do 100 push ups and is not as daunting as it sounds. Yesterday I hit 55. Not all at once — although that would be awesome — they let you do little breaks in between sets. But 55 push ups felt pretty damn good. Also, I’m glad I vacuumed first, because when I collapsed on the rug I was quite happy not to be faced with dog hair and leftover doggy biscuit crumbs. Thankyouverymuch, Kodiak.

– Later one of my bridesmaids came over and we devoured a bowl of guacamole. Hey, at least I did the push ups first.

– Then we went to her parent’s house where we looked online at properties and drank mudslides.

What? I relish in our randomness.

So here were are, faced again with Monday and after the whole yogurt debacle, I am seriously considering taking a half day this week.

And also, apparently a weekend recap is the way to cure fictional pink eye. It’s far less itchy now.