Things you can do while wearing a Crest Whitestrip, according to the insert in the packaging:

Shower/get ready in the morning.

Check email/surf the web.

Commute to work/in the car.

Watch TV/read/talk on the phone.

Things you cannot do while wearing a Crest Whitestrip, as observed by me, the wearer:

Talk on the phone.

Moments after applying my whitestrips my cellphone rang. When the screen informed me it was my sorority Big sister, I excitedly picked up ready to talk.



“Sowy, I’m haf-ink a whitestrip dilemma.”

Luckily, she was calling to tell me a story, so my participation was limited. Except near the end when I tried to say “message board.”


“Meshash bowd.”



“Ooooh message board.”

I used whitestrips a few years ago and honestly I don’t remember having such a problem with them. I brought them to work with me today to give it another go so we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully nobody calls me.