JustMensRings.com’s mission is to be the largest retailer of men’s rings in the United States. I don’t know if they’ve reached that goal, but they certainly have a large selection.

I had the opportunity to review two of their choices (or should I say, Michael had the opportunity since he is the one who will be wearing the men’s ring, after all) and was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, the shipping was incredibly fast. Much faster than ordering from a jeweler. And when I saw the prices, at first I thought — how can this be? Under $100 for a ring?

But it’s true. Both rings that were sent to me a high-quality and super affordable.

The first ring is a men’s titanium wedding bandwith two lines ($54.99). I was surprised at first by how lightweight it was, but impressed with the simplicity of the band. One commenter on the site says it feels like he’s not even wearing one. Michael agreed. 

The next band was a dual finish tungsten wedding band with a brushed finish in the middle ($99.99). Michael found this one to be much sturdier and remarked that he could tell this one would last a long time. 

JustMensRings.com has a very wide selection, so finding a ring to suit your man’s taste is not a problem. My one caution would be to have your ring size measured professionally in order to minimize returns. Although at such low prices, you won’t be seeing red if an exchange is necessary. We did not end up ordering from this site, but only because we had already picked one from a jeweler. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a band, though.