I am marrying a man who…

– brings me pasta salad at work from the best place in town just because I ask him to.

– is so adorable when he first wakes up. The messy hair just adds to it.

– loves our dog so incredibly much that I can’t even imagine how much he will love our children.

– forgets what he did yesterday, but has memorized my birthday, our anniversary and our wedding date.

– treats my friends as one of his own.

– tells me I’m beautiful when I’m feeling anything but.

– has a million and one nicknames for me, but saves “Molly” for when he’s being serious.

– looks equally hot in a button down or a white t-shirt. Maybe even hotter in the t-shirt.

– is a history buff and so smart.

– still makes my heart race when he pulls in the driveway.

– is the perfect amount taller than me that my head fits snugly under his chin.

– is my best friend in the entire world.