Ring, ring.

“Hi, wedding venue coordinator. This is Molly calling to confirm my final payment and discuss wedding details with you.”

“Oh hello, Molly. Let me call you back. I’m running errands and all your information is in my car. I’ll call you in an hour.”


Two hours and 24 minutes later.

Ring, ring.

“Hi, Molly. This is wedding venue coordinator. Let’s go over your details, shall we?”

“Sounds good!”

“So what is your date?”

“October 24th.”

“October, October, October. Of which year?”

Pause. “This year.”

“OK, I see. Hmmm now, it’s a Monday?”


“It’s a FRIday.”

“Hmmm. Oooh haha ok! I was looking at November!”

October, October…October?

It seems we got everything straightened out. But you bet I’ll be calling her again.