Bachelorette party t minus 2 days. Cue girly omigod WHAT DO I WEAR freakout.

I’ve raided the closets of friends. I’ve poured through everything on my hangers. I dragged Jen shopping late at night in the hopes of finding something that will make me feel cute/hot/fun on Saturday night.

Option 1:

Red Max Studio dress with plunging neckline (I don’t know why it got cut off), silver chain necklace, red soled brown crocodile heels and the signature Molly Curl.

Option 2:

White Victoria’s Secret wrap dress, peep toe red pumps and the aforementioned necklace and hair.

I am leaning heavily towards option One. I may have even tried it on with my actual bridal veil to see what it would be like with random bachelorette paraphernalia. (Side note: the veil? Woah. Being a bride is so freaking spectacular.)

Which do you like better? Don’t say neither because then I’ll be forced to go in nothing but my underwear and heels and I know it’s a bachelorette party, but I don’t take kindly to cold drafts.