Yesterday was one of those days that tosses you around like a washing machine, squeezes you out, tosses you back in for good measure then spits you out wet and cold on a dirty floor, leaving you sitting in a puddle and blinking over and over, trying to figure out how exactly you got there.

For a good two hours yesterday I thought one of our clients was going to be sued for something my team put out. As far as I know, if you get your client sued, you probably lose your job. They didn’t get sued, but I need a breath mint after all that butt kissing I did yesterday.

After eight and a half hours of pure work related hell, I was excited to at least hold in my hand the final proof of my wedding invitation that was supposed to be printed and DONE on Monday.

The proof looked like ass. Ok, not ass, exactly. But not what I thought it was going to look like and they only gave me the main part, not all the components like they were supposed to. When I called my designer friend to talk about it, she basically made it clear that it was her one nightย a week out of the house and she would not be available until the next day.

This is a tricky situation because she is a very good friend. But she’s also doing a business-related service for me. It has been my intention all along that my invitations would go out right before I left for a week in Colorado, which means they need to go out at the very latest, a week from today. Why? Because if they go out after I get back that only leaves people two and a half weeks to RSVP before certain vendors need head counts and we all know that two and a half weeks is not enough time to hear from 185 people.

We finally talked on the phone this morning and she could tell immediately that my patience was wearing veryย  thin. I think she’ll make it work. I HOPE she makes it work. Cross your fingers.

So after the initial invitation disappointment, I rushed over to the salon for my hair appointment. Usually I lighten the roots, then add some highlights, but since my next appointment is the end of September (spaced out perfectly for the wedding), the stylist suggested I just do my roots.

When I got home they had become not light, but a dark band of dark darkness around my head. Which is not only a waste of money, but NOT WHAT I WANTED AT ALL. I left a message this morning pleading to get back in there this week.

And oh yeah, I got my period too. I think the Universe deserves a medal for this crushing defeat.