Work, what is it good for?

(Aside from paying the bills, allowing me to have a wedding, a roof over my head, a car, lots of shoes and food on a regular basis.)

(And oh yeah, I guess life experience and friendships that I wouldn’t have gained otherwise.)

(And maybe blogging too — because I started blogging on a down day at work.)

(Damn it, there goes my whole theory about working being good for nothing.)


I really don’t think I’m cut out to be a working woman. I mean yes, work is a necessary evil of life and I think I do my job pretty well, but if I really had the choice I would opt to retire like, last week, and live the life of a lady of leisure.

What, like it’s hard?

I just think I could fill my free time with much better things than sitting at a desk all day and dealing with press people. Like…

Being a dance teacher. Not any professional competition business, but teaching kids under 10. I realize that theoretically I could do that now, but unfortunately the paycheck would not be as substantial.

Professional shopper. Need an outfit for a big date? I’m your girl. Especially if you wear a size 8.5 shoe and need me to try on every pair of Jimmy Choos in the store. I mean, it’s asking a lot, but I’d take one for the team.

Professional blog writer. Oh why the hell not? Writing is actually something I enjoy more than anything and it’s much easier to spew the inner contents of my brain onto a page than write a magazine piece (which by the way, Anna, it came in the mail Friday and looks awesome!)

Miss Cleo version 2. Don’t you miss those commercials for a phone psychic? I could totally do that. And not end up with a lawsuit against me. I hope.

Ice cream taste tester. Ben & Jerry’s, I’m looking at you.

Muse. For Christian Louboutin.

What would you do if you could retire right this very minute?

You better not say be Miss Cleo version 2 because I’ve got the hold on that market thankyouverymuch.