Dear Gabrielle Reese,

Thank you so much for your enthralling article in this month’s Allure magazine on dressing for the gym. My, how uninformed I was!

A woman should never wear shorts and an ill-fitting t-shirt to the gym. It’s unflattering.

Thank you for this advice. Your recommendation on buying all outfits in black, gray or blue (so you don’t clash when you layer) made much sense. I especially took to heart how you prefer to wear Lululemon (what was I thinking shopping for gym clothes at Target??) pants and I will remember how they MUST be fitting on the bum and thighs, then slightly flared below the knee before just brushing the top of your sneakers. (Which are stealthily concealing your white or black crop socks.)

I have to commend you for just “always wearing a coat of mascara” and not the whole kit and kaboodle, as no one likes their face to run at the gym. However, I’m disappointed you did not give me tips on how to achieve the perfect hair wave by wearing a Juicy Couture headband.

Also, thanks for the tips on a cute bag with shoulder straps to carry your black ballet flats so you always feel cute — even after a workout.