The first guest post is by my friend Sara, who not only introduced me the heaven that is Chinese buffet lunch dates, but also taught me that stopping to pick lilacs is something we should all take the time to do.

I had the good fortune to meet Molly a few years ago, when we worked together.  We became fast friends and bonded quickly as we laughed and vented and sometimes cried over Chinese food and through isles of shoes on our lunch break.  A few months ago Molly very sweetly asked me for some wedding advice.  As all of Molly’s regular readers know, she is not only organized but an inspired bride and I quite frankly… am a spaz.  But sine she asked, here are my five pieces of wedding advice.

1) Things will go wrong. Your great Aunt Gertrude will get lost, your black magic roses will stain a part of your dress or your groom will look blankly at his best man and say “has anyone seen my other shoe?” It’s OK. Expect it. Be ready for it, laugh and move on. *

2) Take a moment to thank your bridal party. Many of them have spent the better part of a year looking at bridesmaid’s dresses, coordinating shoes and planning parties in your honor. They have listened to your worries, celebrated your joys and offered you tissues or shout wipes in an emergency. Take a second before you take your vows to let them know what they mean to you and why you wanted them physically and emotionally beside you as you take this amazing step in your life.

3) Have someone look at Mike when you enter the Church. Trust me; enough people will be looking at you. Ask a special friend or family member (I have already volunteered) to watch your future husbands emotion, reaction and expression when his bride-to-be first steps into the room. A picture is great, but knowing the first words he uttered when he saw you is priceless.

4) EAT! I know this seems fairly obvious but somewhere between taking pictures, greeting your tardy but present great Aunt Gertrud and having your first dance, the first course completely passes you by. Taking time to eat some of the wonderful food you spent a long time picking out will not only be delicious, but it will save you from getting completely toasted off a few glasses of champagne and showing your new brother in law your ‘something blue’. **

5) Take some time to look around at the people who have come from near and far to share this day with you. It is the one time in your life you and your husband will have everyone you love in one place to celebrate your love for each other. It is one of the most amazing gifts you will ever receive, and after you eat, you should take the time to truly enjoy it.

What advice do you have for Molly?  What bits of wedding wisdom can you share with her? 
* Not one of these are fictional, they have all happened to brides I know and love
** Ok, this MAY have happened to someone I know, quite well