Today’s post comes from the lovely Elizabeth of Vignette Photography. While not my wedding day photographer, after she shared her work with me, I knew it was something you would enjoy.

Advice from a newlywed for brides looking for a wedding photographer.

This newlywed also happens to be a photographer! My husband, James and I are co-owners of Vignette Photography. We specialize in wedding and lifestyle photography and love our job. I am so glad Molly gave me the opportunity to guest post and share some of our images on her blog. My advice comes not only from being a photographer but also from my own experience in choosing a photographer for our wedding.

As many styles as there are shoes. Cost, packages, availability are all factors in choosing a photographer. But in the end it’s really all about the style of the photographer. No matter what you paid them or what they gave you- the final product is what matters. Know what you like and in the end you’ll be happy with your pictures for years. If you aren’t sure what type of photography you are looking for visit some different sites. Check out a few of these sites and you’ll be able to see differences in each of the photographer’s work.

a bryan photo
Next Exit Photography

But do you like them?! I know you are probably thinking why does it matter? It’s business. I say it’s more personal- they will be a part of one of the most important days of your life. It’s important you are comfortable with who you hire. Do you get along well? Remember, they will be doing photos on your wedding day and possibly even your engagement photos and bridal portraits. Don’t hire someone you can’t see being friends with- believe me it happens! If you like them and their work you’ll be hiring them for many years to come. Our photographer, a good friend of my husband, was fantastic. We loved her and so did our guests.

Do an engagement session!! Even if it’s not included in your purchased package. It’s great for you and your photographer. You can get to know each other better so that you are more comfortable with them the day of the wedding. It will also be good practice for being in the ‘lime-light’. I would much rather be behind the camera than in front so our engagement pictures were good training and really put me at ease.

Professional photographer vs. “Uncle Bob”. These are images that you will have forever- I can never stress that enough. I am not saying this because that’s the business we are in I am saying this because I was a bride choosing a photographer only a few months ago. Who our photographer was and their work was extremely important to me- it was a hard decision to make. We almost went the ‘cost effective’ way but the more we talked about it the more we knew we wanted incredible memories of our day (and a professional to capture them) and we got just that!

I hope this little bit of advice helps and that you enjoyed the ‘eye candy’. I could go on all day but I am sure there is some kind of limit when posting on someone else’s blog. ha! Thanks for reading!