The final guest post is by the lovely “Each”, who upon our recent dinner meeting told me I look tiny and I could kiss her for it.

I am “Each”.

I have a blog  too! (free donuts at the blog meeting y’all)


I am completely inappropriately matched for you readers, mostly due to my lack of lady-like topics, excessive cursing and sporadic, ungainly, lack-luster story telling.  That and I think Molly vetoed my topic about Elephant sex (jury is still out, so look for it in the future, if not here, then at my place.).  But, besides being completely unsure why Molly would agree to me guesting here (other than the loads and loads of moo-lah I plopped on her door step, instead of the time honored tradition of a flaming poo-bag, which I may have also done…), I am here with an actual topic.

No! you say!
Yes, actually I do say.
AND, its actually appropriate!
(shut up!)
(I know!)

I recently, VERY RECENTLY and very excitedly have found myself in the very same position that Miss M was in this time last year.  As in, this time last August, our lustrous lady of These Little Moments was un-engaged, just a regular girlfriend very much looking forward to when she would (as it turned out VERY soonly) transition into a Fiancee. 

Meaning (if you haven’t had your coffee yet or you are just slow, no judging here), that I myself have been in negotiations to potentially become affianced (also hopefully soonly, but knowing my man…)!  The Board has met for discussions, there has been loads of Power Point Presentations, Excel sheets of money mergers.  No, I kid, but there has been some talk and then a bit more talk and even two, I SAID TWO, outings to stores that have them sparkly rings!  Plus, the other day, my man and I were making out like teenagers under the bleachers and he just had to stop and gaze into my beautiful brown ones (oh, come on people, even I am not that filthy… EYES people, the ones on my face.) and utter, “you look so good in white, you are going to make the most beautiful bride.”

Gah… what?!!!!!

I not entirely sure if anything else was said, all I know is I glazed over, grew slack jawed and turned into a weepy mess.  As I am wont to do, being the very put together and emotional rock that I am.  NOT.  I know its unlikely most would guess it, but my emotions?  Basically the equivalent of Slimer from Ghost Busters heading at full speed towards a subway grate.  Really oozy and messy.  And almost impossible to wash off once you get covered.  What can I say?  I’m a winner.

Anyway, I’m not sure when IT might happen, but I’m pretty sure from my massive brain powers of logical deduction, that IT will actually happen.  And, according to those I have shared with (forced to listen), they think IT will happen soon! 

(notice how paranoid I am that I can’t actually write “engaged” and just write “IT”?)

Molly has been one of those people that I have cautiously shared my notions on this subject with, its almost a Pay it Forward thing.  Parents share with soon-to-be’s, Marrieds share with soon-to-be’s, Brides share with soon-to-be’s and soon on. Its like an unspoken passing of the flame, and Molly has been so good at being (seeminly?) excited and not the least bit bored or scoffy (word?) at my frivolous musings of potential impending together-foreverness.  I guess even though its almost her wedding day, she still remembers how exciting this transition is and values these little (and BIG) relationship transitions.

Lets bring back the ol’ “Squeeeee!”, rememba that?  Well, if you are a long time reader, you do, last year there was lots and lots and lots of “Squeee-ing” going on here.

And, if I am very very very good girl… there might be some “Squeeeing” going on soon at my place!

(fingers crossed!)