My trial on Thursday went mostly well. It wasn’t my normal stylist so I wasn’t sure what to expect. She was a little…bossy. When we had spoke previously I told her that yes, my hair holds curl and I do it myself Β often.Β  She said she was happy to hear that, as many clients come in insisting their hair curls, when in fact it does not.

I sat down with my pictures in hand and she exclaimed yes! I love it! We can absolutely do that! Then proceeded to take out a curling iron with the biggest barrel I’ve ever seen.

I laughed. That won’t do anything to my hair, I said.

She went to work anyway.

And of course it did nothing but make a slight kink in my hair.

Try a smaller barrel, I said.

She didn’t. Instead, she scolded me. “I thought you said your hair held a curl.”

It. Does.

I asked her if we could used hot rollers instead. She said yes, on the day of, but today she didn’t have them. She was doing a wedding the next day and had already delivered her supplies there.

I asked her again if she had a smaller curling iron.

She did. And what do you know, my hair held a curl.

It’s very pretty. I like it. I just want it BIGGER. And I know that adding the addition of hot rollers will do that for me. You can see the straight pieces on the bottom that were victim to the giant roller.

“Michael, take one without that horrible purple cape on me.”

Also, there will be no black bobby pins on wedding day. And more curls around the face.

I have no idea how long I’ll keep the veil on, but I like that you can still see the hair through it.

All in all, I’m glad I had a trial. We talked about what we will change and I bet you that the day of I’m going to be so excited that as long as it doesn’t look like a poodle, I’m going to be happy.

You know, in five weeks.