– Why is it that I always buy new clothes for a new exercise endeavor? Picked up tennis…bought a tennis skirt. (Which, incidentally, I have never worn because I think it makes my thighs look weird, even though I swear it looked cute in the dressing room.) Got a gym membership…bought new sneakers and a few pairs of pants.

Sign up for pilates…well, my yoga capri pants are oldy old old and the elastic is super shot. I can’t be doing downward stretches and exposing my crack to the whole class, can I? Plus, the pants were super cute and on sale for $10 and I am happy to say I did not show my crack to one single person last night. OK, maybe Michael, but mooning him is funny.

– After a back and forth in the cereal aisle, Michael and I decided to try Irish oatmeal instead of our usual Quaker. I really don’t see much of a difference, other than the fact that we paid 27 cents more and it’s slightly less runny. Apparently it has less sugar, though.

– Eighty three people have responded yes. Five have responded no. Our RSVP date is next Wednesday and I really wouldn’t be disappointed if we got a few more no’s.

– I’m wearing leggings today. You all know how I feel about leggings.  I blame it on my pilates state of mind and all those deep breaths I took last night.

– I’m not sure my florist likes me. I mean, it’s hard to tell since our correspondence is mostly through email, but I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m one of those brides who changes her mind a dozen times. It’s really only been two times — candle centerpieces to branches and back to candles again —  but I get the feeling she thinks I’m a twit.

I’ll know for sure this afternoon, as we’re meeting to go over the flowers and go over my changes to the proposal. Which I’m sure she’ll just love. But come on, $200 for rose petals? You have got to be kidding me. I just got them freeze dried for 50 bucks, thankyouverymuch.

– Because of my meeting, I brought the Wedding Binder into work with me. I should have left it in the car, because now the temptation to plan, organize and check things off is taunting me. I wish I was paid to wedding plan.

– There is one item on our registry that will not update. The set of mugs. They’re very lovely mugs, but I’ve already had to return one set (they broke in shipping) and was lucky enough to get them again from someone else. However, if it doesn’t update as “received” soon, I’m going to end up with many sets of mugs and as nice as they are, Kodiak has yet to master using a cup and Michael and I can only drink so much.

– Speaking of, I love Earl Gray tea, but for some reason it makes me pee all. day. long. Which is good for a change of pace, but still annoying.

I blame my bridesmaids. They had to go and buy this lovely contraption and now it’s just too easy to make hot beverages.