I was going through my saved emails and decided it was finally time to save all the old photos my mom had sent me. Since it’s Friday and Friday should be Fun Day, I thought I’d share a few with you.

Growing up my mom had an amazing garden. I wasn’t always allowed in it (little feet stomp on delicate plants), but I have such fond memories of standing outside it asking for “more peas, please” and eating fresh veggies. I think I have carrots in this picture. (Also: NATURAL HAIR COLOR SHOCK!)

The plants were so tall and I was wee!

A whitey white girl must always be properly sunscreened. Also, I’m pretty sure I still make this face. I also kind of wish I still had a red bathing suit with such cute ruffles!

I have many more, but my sister may freak out if I post her baby shots on the internet. I’ll see if I can wear her down.

Happy weekend!