Exactly one year ago today — on September 24th — Michael took me to one of our favorite spots and asked me to be his wife.

I still think about that day, often before I fall asleep to calm my mind. It is the purest joy I have ever felt. I loved him more in that moment than I ever thought possible.

I love him even more today.

Exactly one month from today — on October 24th — I will become his wife. 

For the past year this end result has felt so abstract. I was of course always aware of the end result, the ultimate goal, but it often felt like I was planning something that would happen one day.

One day is upon us.

I’m taking today to reflect on how lucky I am to have been in a relationship for almost seven years with someone who makes every single day better. I’m taking today to thank him — my Michael — for being my friend, my partner, my rock — and for asking me to continue our lives together hand and hand.

We are getting married in one month.

I cannot wait.