Goal: To figure out a way to maintain my clutter, and therefor keep my soon-to-be husband around.

Reality: I really, really want to fix this habit of mine, but I think deep down I know I will always be a clutter-er.

Goal: To stop feeling stressed about money for one weekend after the wedding and treat myself to a fall wardrobe that actually fits.

Reality: It may not all be J Crew and Banana Republic (although, I really, really want it to be — damn you stores and your pretty catalogs), but I’m no snob to Old Navy tees.

Goal: To find something chocolate the fufills my daily craving, but won’t make me the size of a house.

Reality: Currently it’s Stoneyfield Chocolate Underground yogurt. It’s good, but it’s no giant bowl of pudding.

Goal: To master the open leg balance in my pilates class.

Reality: Well, I rolled backwards doing it last night, then pathetically onto my side, so this may take a while. A long while.

What are your goals?